I'm currently going through my first (and hopefully only) bout of prednisone poisoning. I had a severe allergy attack about three weeks ago and the ER doctor gave me a tapered dose of prednisone. It started at 60mg for two days, then 2 days of 50mg, until I got to 10. I began experiencing severe hand tremors and disorientation when I was starting my 30mg doses. Fortunately my immunologist agreed to see me (because my primary care doctor would not) and knew immediately it was Prednisone and had me taper it quicker. I did that but the damage had been done. By the time I had made it to 10 mg, I was shaking uncontrollably and experiencing mental distress that included crippling anxiety. I made two additional trips to both my pulmonologist and my immunologist and due to both doctors' efforts, I am starting to make progress in my recovery but I'm reminded often that it's a long road as I still experience extreme nervousness and anxiety attacks. I have been unable to work for the duration due to the effects of the initial allergy attack and the subsequent prednisone overdose. I was wondering, does anyone have any suggestions on how to mitigate the lingering symptoms or at least some way to make life a little more tolerable? I appreciate you all in advance.