Hi ladies! I’m a 23 year old, don’t want kids! Within the last four years, I’ve been on 12 different birth control pills. Once my doctor decided that there were no other pill options (due to very heavy periods) she recommended the Liletta IUD. (Said they won’t perform any permanent methods since I’m too young) So I had it inserted about 5 months ago. Insertion wasn’t terrible with a little bleeding the week after. Since then, I’ve experienced days of being nauseous, extreme pain, breast tenderness and migraines. I’ve also been diagnosed/dealing with anxiety/OCD within these last five months; something I’ve never dealt with before. On top of that, I’ve gained about ten pounds even with high intensity cardio, light weights and healthy eating. I called my doctor to see what I should do, and they told me that Liletta doesn’t have any of these side effects. (Doubtful, based on the little research I did!) Now I’m wondering if I should give it a little more time and allow my body to adjust, or get a second opinion for a different OB. Thank you!!!