Hello everybody else. Man it has been hectic ever since Friday, the electric went out my husband and I figured the eletric would just go out for a couple minutes - well we waited 30 minutes an hour went by. The only light that was the hall and elevator, at the time we thought the elevator wasn't working. One of the elevator was out of order not the other. In fact, somebody got stuck... omg.

So, yesterday everybody went downstairs in the lobby where was electric and a big fan where everybody was. Just about everybody went to get their cell phone charged. One of the older would complained about the people charging their cell phones... what are we supposed to do? Oh this woman in her 80s, always has something to complain about real snooty (wrong spelling?)

I sat in the lobby while my husband went outside with the powerchair... he made me mad, he left me confined with no cane, phone, nor keys to the apt... he was in a hurry to go outside where he could be in the shade. I wasn't about to be confined in this chair not able to walk around, not to mention go outside to smoke. I called him and said that I needed the powerchair. I couldn't help it I was furious... him leaving me like this. I swear we need another powerchair. We both use it with me not able to get around.

It has difficult gettng around even with my cane. It is a god send I have the phowerchair. I have been walking around more than I'm used. I'm a neat freak I hate seeing trash laying around, By doing this aggravates the pain... sorry I can't help it ... just me. I've sooo glad the eletric is back.

I was talking to my husband, I said, "What did we do without electric, air conditioner, refirgeraor, and so on. Today, we take things for granted - TV, computer, cell phones, and the gadgets along with it, ditial cameras, iPods, DVDs, Internet and the list goes on and. We don't think about these things, more less we don't think about these things.

Anyway, I'm doing ok... happy to have things back to norma. Take care.