So heres some background info:
I'm 16. I've been on the pill Microgestin Fe 1/20 for 6 months now. I've been taking it correctly this entire month. I take it everyday at 7 PM, sometimes I slip and I end up taking it at 8 PM, none the less I do take it though. I missed one pill last Thursday. I began having brown spotting one day before I missed that pill. I spotted for three days. I had never experienced spotting on the pill before. I had sex without a condom one week before I started spotting.

Flash forward today:
I got my period today, but it is extremely light. TMI warning, but usually my periods are a medium to light flow. Typically when I take out a tampon after school it's pretty full but today there was barely any blood on it. It was a bright red brown mix. (Sorry for all the info!) What does this mean? Theres no way I could be pregnant because I got my period right? A light period is still a period? Thank you! :)