Hello. I am on the birth control pills Lutera, currently I am almost done with my first pack. I started my period when I started the first pack. On the 15th day of being on the white pills, I had sex without a condom and I let him cum inside of me. Now my doctor said after 7 days you should be protected from pregnancy and it's safe to let a man cum inside. Despite this, I was still paranoid and took a plan b pill.

I started my period during the sugar pills week, I believe the 2nd day of them. It started out really heavy like my normal period, but then it became very light. Hardly any blood is left on the tampon but I'm still experiencing cramps, moodiness, and the other common effects of being on your period. It is now my 3rd day of bleeding and it is still extremely light, lighter than any period I've ever had. Is this spotting/implantation bleeding, or is it just my period that has been messed up due to taking the plan b and being on lutera for almost a month? I'm not really worried, for I read that plan b can really mess with your cycle and cause your period to be weird. I also read that bc pills can make your period lighter. But since I have never experienced spotting before, I had to ask this question.