I had unprotected sex exactly two weeks ago (Wednesday) with my boyfriend. He put on a condom after a while so he didn't ejaculate inside of me but I still took Plan B about 3-4 hours after because I've heard that you can still get pregnant from precum. I was on birth control (patch) for the past year and a half but I stopped last month because we were taking a break. This was my first month without the patch and I was supposed to get my period last week on Tuesday. I always get it either Monday or Tuesday but never later. I heard that plan b delays periods so I didn't worry much when I didn't get it last week. It's now been a week late and idk if it's because it's my first month without patch and maybe I'm not going to get it the same day as I used to (since it's not being controlled by it) or if it's because I took Plan B the week before I'm supposed to be getting it and it may delay it even more? I noticed that I've had some light brown discharge and I'm scared that it could be "implantation bleeding". Is there any chance I could be pregnant?