I am 69 and past menopause. In Oct. 2015 I started to bleed. I had an ultrasound and was told I had endometrial hyperplasia. I saw the GYN who said I also had a very large polyp. I had a hysteroscopy, D&C, PAP and biopsy. The polyp was removed. The biopsy was benign and the PAP normal. I was put on 10 mg of Medroxyprogesterone for 180 days. I went back to the GYN on June 8, 2016 for another exam and biopsy. She said the biopsy was benign and the problem with hyperplasia was resolved. She told me to finish the Medroxyprogesterone and come back in Dec. for another biopsy to make sure it hasn't come back. She told me when I finished the Medroxyprogesterone I would probably have some bleeding. I finished the Medroxyprogesterone on June 28 and two days later started to bleed. It was like a period. Four days later it stopped, but on July 16 I started to have some light spotting. Is this normal after stopping the Medroxyprogesterone? Do I have anything to worry about since all tests were negative and all biopsies benign and she said no cancer?