Me and my boyfriend were having sex with a condom. When he pulled out at one point it almost looked as if the condom broke. It was very full an very white at the tip. (We do squeeze the tip before we strart.) After sex I went an filled the condom up with water but nothing dripped out but I still got plan B one step to be safe. My period ended on the 16th and this happened the day after (on the 17th) About 6:30 - 8:00 in the morning. I got an took the pill at 4pm. So within the first 12 hours. I was rather bloated the day after taking it like I would be if I was on my period. Today about 2 or 3 oclock I was having very light pink bleeding nothing that really stays on the pad but when I wipe it is there. I know that spotting is rather normal. But I am still nervous would this be a breakthrough bleed does this mean the pill was effective. My futility window was to be the 17th though the 23rd. The 21st being the ovulation day so did I get it just in time?

I really don't want to wait around to find out an answer I keep reading stories of how the pill failed an has me sick with worry.