I have peripheral neuropathy in my back/legs due to a mva in 2002. I have been using Lidoderm Patch 5% since 2012. Why ALL OF THE SUDDEN is my insurance company denying my prescription for them & spouting that the FDA "changed" its drug indication of them to only include neuropathy due to post-herpetic neuralgia ,diabetic neuropathy,or neuropathic pain due to cancer. Im pretty sure the indications of this drug have stated those indications ALL ALONG. By all along I mean I have been on these patches since 2012 with no problems & now they want to "railroad" me from taking them. Who do I need to get in trouble (my Dr.?) (my Ins Co.?) (the pharmacy?) for letting me have them in the first place? OR what would be really nice is for someone to tell me how I fight this when their blaming in on the FDA?!