I have been dealing with some type of dermatitis (eczema) for almost a year. I have family history for eczema. I have used everything I can possibly think of online and Doctors. The steroid shots & prednisone have helped but didn't clear completely and when the prednisone was finished, the dermatitis came back with a vengeance. Dr has now prescribed Lidocaine Viscous 2% topical & Diflucan by mouth & 2 weeks of prednisone. The itching has stopped but my skin (hands, wrist & arms) are still flaming red. If my skin gets the least bit dry then the flaking & peeling comes back. I have a keep it moisturized 24/7. At night before bed, Sometimes I will use the cream and then wrap in plastic to retain moisture. If I don't, skin gets dry and will start itching. I use cold packs for inflammation which helps sometimes