Hi everyone! I have several lower back disc bulges and neuropathy that I have been treating for 5 years with Gabapentin and Norco (10-325).

Before that I tried everything under the sun (you name it!), including finding out I am severely allergic to NSAIDs. My doctor has always RX'd me 180 pills (max) a month of the Norco. And after 5 years, as most of you know, pills become less effective. I actually take 5-6 a day and it's exhausting. I'm sick of having to take so much meds for my pain.

I switched pharmacists and the new one will not fill my 180 pill rx of Norco. He says it is too much (I agree!) and is willing to instead- do 120 Norco pills with 30 days of 12hr Lidocaine patches. He says the patches will help lower the amount of Norco needed to max of 4 a day.

Has anyone been in a similar situation? I told him the idea sounded great and am going with it. I would love to be able to stop taking Norco altogether! But the anxious side of me, that has been SO dependant on Norco to treat pain for years... is nervous about committing to such a change.

Will the Lidocaine patches really help enough to decrease my Norco intake? The commitment has been made for the next month, so there is no going back. But I'd like to hopefully hear some reassurances...