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Lichen planus is it serious deceise ?

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Marvell 29 Mar 2012

Lichen planus is usually not harmful and may get better with treatment. It usually clears up within 18 months.

However it may last for weeks to months, and may come and go for years. It usually clears up within 18 months.

If lichen planus is caused by a medication, the rash should go away once the medicine is stopped.

Coffeegal 20 Sep 2012

I've recently been dx with L Lichen Planus and my dr first had me on Cellcept. Thought I would die. I was so very I'll. Now I'm taking Imuran. I'm so afraid of the side effects.

Is anyone else taking it here? Are you experiencing side effects?

Thank you... Coffee

sonia1978 19 Dec 2012

Hi all I just came back from the hospital and they told me that my 6 year old son has Lichen Planus. Ive read it up and it says it is very rare for a child to have this. The things I have read are freaking me out a bit, like it could be liver condition or hepatitis. Does anyone know much of this?

Thanks Sonia free discount card

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