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Where can I get librax for my daughter who has been complaing of ulcers?

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Rajive Goel 25 Jun 2012

Librax is not available in the US, you would have to find its generic version which is: chlordiazepoxide HCI clidinium bromide capsules.

Perhaps calling up a pharmacy maybe of great help, take care.

Best wishes!

meyati 26 Jun 2012

Costco pharmacy--- if you live near one. It goes by 2 or more different names-so say-"Librax" or "generic Librax" it goes by Clidinium Dia-something or the other, chlordiazspoxide-clidinium OCE-that's what I'm holding in my hand right now. Right now it's really cheap- less than 30 cents a pill-about 4 years ago I was paying over $3.00 a pill if I was lucky-and I took 2 or 3 a day. If you don't live around a Costco-explain your situation and have your doctor help you find it. Walgreens was charging me about $5 a pill-then they said nobody had it. My doctor found out that Costco carries it. At first I had to wait until they got it in, but now they keep it in stock. I don't know why but lots of big city cops- and military pilots and special forces use it. It has 2 depressents in it-foxglove and the other thing. It depends which comapny a pharmacy gets the meds from as each company has to give it a different name. My current doctor mended my chart as it looked like I was taking a ton of different meds- and now chart says-generic Librax-and people can figure that one out. The problem is in getting a doctor to prescribe it-as it's not on the medicare formulary. I went into a senior plan- and I had a big fight. They don't pay for it, as medicare doesn't approve of it. I told them it's their job to keep me well- and I pay for it, have been paying for it, and it's cheaper than an ER-and I'm not hiding anything, so write me the prescription or I'll just move into the ER with a bucket for my diarrhea. When you put it that way-they write up a prescription really fast. Say Librax or some doctors think that you're a doper looking for illegal meds because of all of the different names. My pharmacist thinks it's hilarious that anybody thinks that it does anything to make it a street drug- no high- no brain farts- no hallucination- it only has value for people with severe stomach problems-I have IBS. I'm looking and I need a refill for July and August. My doctor is nice, and he writes a script for as many as possible - for as many months as possible-so neither one of has to eal with idiots in my HMO. free discount card

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