I wanted to know if yoiu experienced any bad problems with the methergine at all while on it. I see Tracy Purath as well just started going a few months ago. My neruo and the pain clinic of Mil. where unable to figure out what the issue was so I had to do research myself to find out what my problem was. This is the first time in months since I feel comfortable about maybe finding a little relief. She sent me to radiology dept. in racine wi 2 wks ago and this past friday I had a c2 ganglion block done with no relief. I was a bit upset with results as they said it may give me some pain relief. However it is still to early to tell 100% if it will. I seen martha yesterday and she said Dr. is 95% sure its neruolgia and vascular neruopathy combined sure hope that I will get something soon this is a little crazy somedays I'm fine while others I seem not to want any noise or even get out of bed. Please if you can give me insight to what to expect from this, I do realize that everyone reacts a little different based on there condition however there are always a few things everyone experineces from it.