because i was not able to do the doco??? the easy one. they said they could not see part of my heart so i had to take the alternative test. i got three shots all together. i got two and after a few minutes i was lead into a room and laid on my back whilst the doc waived this giant machine on my chest for about 15 minutes. they brought me from that room into a room where i was laid flat this time and injected with what i think is Lexiscan? this was the most scary and painful thing i have ever experienced. i was told it would speed up my heart since i couldnt use the treadmill. it hurt so bad and i could barely speak. i did this for some time and the doc kept asking me my d.o.b. and my full name. it was finally finished and lead into a smaller room with some apple juice and graham crackers. as the medicine began to wear of i got this GIANT headache. i kept telling them my head was throbbing and they just kept telling me it would pass. anyway does anyone know if it was the Lexican that caused this? Im gonna get fit after this is over. I am finally at the date for my colonoscopy and i hope to god there is no painful as this one. god bless and good health... john