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If Lexapro is working why would anyone go off it? Won’t the issue return? Thanks for your help!?

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djchurn 13 Jan 2018

I went off Prozac many years ago. My medication free existence worked for about 3 years. Sometimes a med works so well that you believe you haver beaten a problem, Back on Prozac now despite many claims of the latest and greatest. If you have found something that works, stick with it and if anything consider a reduced dosage.

Lee Lee 123 13 Jan 2018

I appreciate you taking the time to respond! That’s a great idea. I will speak to my physician regarding a lesser dose. That could be a very good possibility! Have a great weekend!

WildcatVet 13 Jan 2018

Hi, Lee Lee! Good question! For some people who were experiencing a situational depression (death of a loved one, job loss, etc.) it may be possible to wean off an antidepressant over time. But for most people with clinical depression who try to stop their antidepressant "because they feel better" they will find that their symptoms return (rebound syndrome) and that their antidepressant doesn't work as well.
I guess they don't realize that there is no cure for depression and that they feel better BECAUSE their antidepressant is working.
Best regards, Wildcat

Lee Lee 123 13 Jan 2018

First of all... cool career! I have read many stories from people having the same “rebound” that you speak of. So many go off medicine that’s working and then can’t get back to where they were once they restart it. And sometimes have to search until the find a new one. That sounds dreadful too! I am on it for anxiety. The same day I took it, I started feeling better. I guess I’m just afraid of long term use. If it will cause any permanent physical or mental damage. That’s my biggest concern. Drug companies aren’t the most honest and I fear that their coverups and bias testing put people in danger and then say “ooppps.” I love me life and how I feel. Thank you for sharing your experience. It’s comforting! free discount card

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