I've been taking 20mg of lexapro since April, but it has not worked for me (i still feel very depressed) so recently my doctor has decided for me to come off the lexapro slowly while coming onto venaflaxine. I'm just wondering am i still depressed because of low norapinephrine or dopamine, and not because of just low serotonin? the only major difference i noticed with lexapro is that it helps with my anxiety but i still feel dead inside, numb, emotionless, i feel no pleasure from anything, i have no sex drive and i feel suicidal and contemplate self harm. i know i will probably find the right medication eventually but im just curious to know if any of you guys might think it could be more than just low serotonin. I am trying my hardest to beat this so i would really appreciate if someone could help me, i just want my old happy life back :(