I've been reading ALOT of your posts and they have been very helpful. I decided to stop taking lexapro after I started an intsese workout routine. I FELT better than I had on any version of SSRI I had been on. I should mention I have been on either prozac or lexapro for most of the last 18 years. I tried going off Prozac at one point, but my life situation at the moment was not the best for getting my head together drug free.

Since going off Lexapro(just over 4 weeks since I took the last pill), I was taking 20mg per day. My Dr. told me to just go to 10mg then to 5mg both for 1 week then stop. Since reading this board that was a HUGE mistake.
So after 4 weeks the brain zaps have pretty much stopped (YAY). However, I feel spacy constantly, my heart feels like it is racing, I have no appetite, in fact the thought of most food makes me want to vomit. I am cold constantly, you have to understand I WAS the annoying person in my office complaing how warm it was when everyone else was in sweaters... i've always run hot!!! I don't sleep much and when I do sleep it isnt' restful.

My BF says to me "I love you through whatever, but maybe you should reconsider your meds" A coworker said I havent' been myself since I stopped them. Both not good signs

I have to say mood wise I feel good, just idk how to explain it... like part of my brain is in over drive and the rest of me cant keep up... if that makes any sense.