I have been on Lexapro (20 mg) for 3 years. I was also on and off Ativan (1 Mg) for the last year. The last time I took Ativan was over a month ago. I stopped taking Lexapro cold turkey 2 weeks ago. I am so out of it, irritable, mod swings, etc... I have all of the withdrawal symptoms. Is this going to get better any time soon? Thankfully I have a therapist and go to the gym regularly which has helped. But these brain fog and electric shock moments are intense. I went off Lexapro because I have liver damage. My doctor (doctor death) never monitored my blood levels. It is really scary how quickly doctors will put you on anything. I have major depression and anxiety and would like to try a more natural way to handle this. So, again- can anyone tell me how long these symptoms might last?