I've been taking Lexapro @ 20 mg/day since 8-2007. Post T-Giving-2010, I started taking 10 mg a day. Anxiety, nervous leg syndrome, nasal congestion and sleeplessness started by mid December-2010. At that time, I was also taking an antihistamine with Pseudophedrine and occasionally drinking beer. Starting 1-11-11, I stopped antihistamine, alcohol and am taking a 10 mg tablet every 3rd day. I also try to drink as much water every day.
My nasal cavities are STILL clogged up and my restlessness is still there. After reading these forums, I know now that I should still take Lexapro EVERY day, but on a reduced basis, as in 10 mg for 2 weeks, then 5 mg for 2 weeks, then half that for 2 weeks and stopping. We'll see...
Meanwhile... is this nasal congestion truly attributed to Lex withdrawal?

I quit smoking 3-1-10 (2 packs a day for 30 years) and this Lex withdrawal is worse than that???