Hi there,
In February this year, Lexapro stopped working for me, this was made apparent when I started feeling very tearful when talking to others. I tried to persist with Lexapro for the following 4 months, but this emotional lability persisted until I decided to come off the drug. In June I started a very slow and careful withdrawal regime, and i finally came off lexapro completely in August this year. But, since this time, the tearfulness, especially in social situations has continued.

I have never suffered with any sort of emotional lability previously in my life. Although, i have always had some degree of social anxiety. But, this tearfulness is very debilitating, and makes it difficult for me to function effectively at work. I have a wife and three young children to support, so it is a big worry.

Is this a normal reaction to Lexapro withdrawal? Could lexapro have effected my thyroid/hormones? How can b I regain normality? Is it just a waiting game?? Any help is greatly appreciated.

All the best