I recently weaned off of lexapro. My dr told me to take 10mg one day and 20mg the next day for a week ( I was on 20mg for about 18 months.), then just 10 mg for a week then 5 mg for a week. I ended a week ago and the withdrawal symptoms have been horrible. I cry all the time, am very irritable, fight with my husband over the smallest things, feel like I have no interest in anything, no appetite, nauseous at times, VERY dizzy, feel like I'm moving in slow motion, and the zaps.

I hate this. I'm trying so hard to get through this without getting back on the drug but it is so hard at times. I've not taken the drug for a whole week now and none of the symptoms have subsided. Will they? I know it's different for everyone, so no one can give me a definite answer. Does anyone have success stories they can give me in which the weaning/amount of time the drug was used is similar to mine? Any help is appreciated. I can't wait until this hell is over and I can get back to my family... :-/