Okay, so...

From December 2015 December 2016 I was on Lexapro (15mg).

Initially, I tapered down by 5mg per week and was off it completely by Christmas. For around 2 weeks I got withdrawals, or what I thought were withdrawals. Head rushes, tired during the day, insomnia at night, angry and crying more.

By mid January I was okay again, though I was sleeping till 12pm or 1pm a lot. It seemed to correct itself. Fast forward to a month later and I suddenly feel tired whenever I wake up, no matter how much sleep I get. And it's just getting worse. I feel like a total zombie. I'm so exhausted 24/7 since February 16th, to the point I'm not even able to work. It's just constant fatigue.

Is this lexapro or something else? I'm really worried since a whole month had passed where I was normal.