Hello everyone.
I have been fighting anxiety and acute back pain for quite some time. I have panic attacks, spasms, blurring of speech, the whole nine. I have tried Lexapro for about 2 and a half weeks with less than desirable results. After returning to my primary physician (internal medicine), she prescribes me Impram HCL (imipramine) to take along with Lexapro. Now correct me if I'm wrong but this website warns against the usage of the two together. I have taken it for 3 nights, the 4th night I had very quick fluctuations in body temperature. My girl friend noticed my face was screaming red and told me to take my shirt off which helped. I am still feeling the effects such as joint pain and what seems to be dilated pupils. Is this right for a 20 a year old? What should I tell her? Should I see a psychiatrist?