Hi All,
I have an interesting set of problems, depressive and occasionally manic, but not totally bipolar. This has caused many problems with prescribing the right medication. I feel like i've been on everything. Anyway, I finally admitted to my psych that my depressive symptoms felt more severe than ever and that I was worried. I also admitted to myself that after trying to be off of medications for about 3 months, I need them. My doctor prescribed lexapro because from what I understand this is generally supposed to have less side effects. I have read a lot of great reviews that this has changed peoples lives and I am so hopeful that that can be me too. Im most concerned about weight gain, and this is because I'm getting married in 3 months. I'm already trying to lose weight and certainly can't afford to put any on. (god forbid i don't fit into my dress). Anyway, I'm wondering if a lot of people have experienced weight gain and if so, was it immediate? My doc said if it happens at all it won't be until 6 months or so after I start. If i gain some weight after my wedding (and I'm feeling happy!) then I think I can deal with it. But if I gain a bunch of weight before the wedding I'm afraid ill feel even worse. Hoping this makes sense and someone can provide some insight. Thanks and good luck to anyone who is struggling. Its so hard and I'm glad we can help each other :)