... but felt high weird not myself so I waited until third week and I had f/u with my doctor I just felt like it was time to get off it was best decision ever because my body and mind felt like crap and felt like I needed to be off it ! Well today is my day two yes I feel like crap headaches that come and go dizziness but honestly I'm not going to let that get to me it's only temporary and I'm guessing it's withdraws which is normal I don't feel my anxiety kicking in at all anyway since I only took it for a few weeks how long does this last I just want to feel myself again. At some point Lexapro did work for me made me focus and concentrate but I have done research and theirs other natural stuff for anxiety and depression and I hope those who start don't get dependent on this drug trust me not worth living for ever like this! At the time I had to ask for meds I was a point in my life where I was stressed overwhelmed I had no reason to be SAD but everything builds up and your body let's you know by causing this anxiety I am positive and know that the MIND has the power to do anything so I'm going to try and not worry stay stress free and focus on myself and my family!