in either my depression or anxiety (Friday and Saturday were horrible days, but Sunday I felt like a million dollars!). The anxiety has actually gotten a little worse, which I read was a side-affect of the Lexapro.. My doc originally put me on Depakote as well, but after reading about it, it scared me and I decided not to take it. Then he talked me into taking it, stating it would help with the anxiety. Then he doubled the dose of the Depakote and I cried for 3 straight days, so he told me to stop taking it. Just wondering if this week's increased anxiety is due to stopping the Depakote and when the Lexapro will start working in full to help both the depression/anxiety. I have had to take more Ativan (1.5 mg) than directed for the dibilitating anxiety I feel each morning. But then I am fine the rest of the day. Now I'm worried about running out of the Ativan before I can get the next prescription. Any thoughts or ideas would be helpful. Thanks.