Hello! I have been taking Sprintec for about three years now. I was prescribed for the horrendous cystic acne I would get in high school, and the results I got were amazing. I am now 20, and about 8 months ago I began taking Lexapro (5mg and eventually 10mg). Three months into the Lexapro I began getting cystic-like pimples again. After months of trying to determine the cause, I am beginning to think that these pimples are hormonal. It's been three weeks since I've stopped taking 10 mg Lexapro, and although my pimples are not as cystic, there are still little tiny bumps around my face that won't seem to disappear. I am quite the perfectionist, so these pimples are driving me insane. Is it possible that my body no longer accepts the Sprintec, because my hormones are all out of wack from the Lexapro? Or will my hormones eventually return to normal with just the Sprintec, and not require a new birth control? I'm hoping that I am just being overly attentive, and that these acne flare ups will decrease as my body's hormone levels return to normal. Any form of advice or input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!