I was supposed to start Lexapro five days ago, but I am terrified to take the first 5 mg dose. My doc prescribed 5 mg for for days, then 10 mg after that.

I am very anxious, but definitely not depressed, and I have never been on medication for ANYTHING before. I'm a 25 year old woman working 60 hours per week in a very demanding position. My social anxiety has always been a problem for me, but ultimately I've always forced myself through hard times and never let it interfere with accomplishing my goals in life. However, the monotonous hum of anxiety is flowing through me at all times. I sleep well, but I spend nearly every waking hour worrying about whether I can reach my goals (at work and musically - I'm also a singer). I always get through it, and I always do fine. I know this, but it does not soothe the anxiety.

I've recently started a new relationship, and the sex is great. It's the best time of my week. But I'm still working 60 hours. Reviews seem to be generally positive for Lexapro, but it seems that everyone's "con" is lack of sex drive. How significant are these side effects? I'm not sure whether calming my constant anxiety is worth sacrificing my sex life at 25. Any advice?