I experience major depression as well as high anxiety, I started Prozac 20mg a few months ago and it helped somewhat get me out of my funk over 5-6 weeks, but I never felt 100% and it gave me a lot of side effects. I talked to my doc and I switched to Lexapro 10mg. (In high school I had Lexapro 20mg that worked amazingly to help get rid of anxiety/depression). After stopping the Prozac I actually felt better, and the Lexapro 10mg really didn't seem give me any effects, either good or bad. I felt okay until about 3 weeks into the Lexapro 10mg I began to have returning feelings of depression/anxiety. We upped to 20mg, and so far I've been on it for 6 days. At first, I cried the first day and felt more depressed, but over the next couple days it eased a very little bit and I experienced pretty intense derealization and spaciness. Although that feeling has subsided a bit, I still feel a little spacey, very apathetic, neutral and pretty annoying memory problems/fog. I don't feel anxious or depressed, but I don't feel good or happy either. I don't like it because I can't experience any positive emotion, also I start graduate school in a month and I need my memory to be working 100%. Will these "mental" side effects gradually go away as I adjust to the medicine, or will I be stuck taking this to not have depression, but sacrifice all my positive feelings/memory, and never really feel like myself again? I could use some encouragement because I really don't want to go through trying another antidepressant. The first time I used Lexapro it literally saved me and I don't remember it making me feel so blah. Thank you.