Today I reviewed my treatment with my doctor.

I’m taking sertraline 200mg, Wellbutrin 450mg for 4 weeks. it’s helpful to my depression to some extent, but the cure effect didn’t meet my expectations.

In my case:I’m not very depress, I looks normal. I just low mood most of the time. like I can’t be happy, money can’t attracts me, I can’t enjoy the fun with friends, but the major problem is I lost the passion and ability to do my job. this makes me feel confused.

I ever felt good with my treatment, my efficiency is back, my brain is more clearer, I can handle the complex project that I did it before, I can focus on my job, but this is unstable and disappeared quickly. sometimes just one day or two.I don’t even know if this is the cure effect.

Now, I have two choices:
1:sertraline 200mg, Wellbutrin300 mg
2:Lexapro 20mg, Wellbutrin 300mg

Why Lexapro? because I have took this combination before, after 14days I said to my doctor I don’t think it’s helpful, nothing happened, and then my doctor changed my medicine. after few days, I felt good and it continued about a week, but it faded away in the end. I don’t know if this is Lexapro’s effect, so I’m thinking try it again.

But now my question is : keep the present treatment for more weeks or make the second choice? I can’t make the decision.