Friends Dr. prescribed Lexapro for anxiety related to sleep apnea. Has been diagnosed as stopping breathing 75 times per hour which they say is severe. Cant wear the c-pap mask. Machine also causes anxiety. Dr was not helpful in any way. In a 10 min session said sergury was out do c-pap or take meds.I researched a procedure tongue defilburation?Give u shots to shrink back of tongue to open airway? Could this work?Lexapro does not fix problem-only causes more.Still stop breathing-bad for ur health. No desire at all for sex and cant ejaculate.Very real problem.Stopped drug 4 days ago because of side effects.So far no return desire and cant sleep at night-not hungry-then sleep on and off all day.Seems very distant.Came off med. because of sexual side effect but has not returned yet and other effects are aweful as well.Totally messes with ur life.Now need help from drug and what it caused as well as the sleep apnea problem.