I am new to drugs.com but used it to research the drug Lexapro I choose to be put on for my anxiety. It has great reviews for Generalized Anxiety Disorder. For the past 16 months I have had GAD. It came from a period of stress (getting married, buying a house, moving, loosing a parent, starting a new job.) all in a 3 month span. I had a panic attack 16 months ago and continue to have them and a daily feeling of anxiety and "weirdness".. I just want to feel "normal again". I am on 5 mg. of Lexapro and it is kicking my a**. I feel worse than ever like a zombi living in a video game. Everything in my life is AMAZING. But I just cant seem to kick this anxiety. Does anyone have any Encouraging words? A lexapro Sucess story that started out with all of these side effects? Thanks.