I have suffered from depression since 7th grade, something's I think back to the day the doctor walked into that appointment and offered a 13 year old to start on meds and think wtf…but hey I'm here now and I just want to get better I've gone through 4 different medication and none have worked for me or they work for a little while and I go back to the same state. This illness has so messed with my life, I'm probably on the verge to losing my job which Im quite proud of getting because most high school graduates don't get such jobs right out of high school. Everything seems so damn difficult and constant bad racing thoughts go through my mind through out the whole day I would say. I have a four year old son I'm 20 years old but despite me being so terribly depressed I see a bright future for the both of us If I find the right medication. Im very ambitious and hungry for a different state of mind I just want to get better :'( I have started on Lexapro 2 days ago half a tablet 10 mg. I hope this medication is finally the one. Sorry to go on here a tell my whole life story but this depression has taken over my life and eaten me alive I don't know what to do anymore.