I have been on Lexapro since the end of last November. Started on 10 mgs., now am at 20 mgs. I had high hopes for this medicine, having read so many great reviews, but unfortunately, I am feeling worse. I have a lot of intrusive thoughts. I am feeling pretty bad.I did notice that my energy increased and appetite decreased, but that has ceased too. I notice a lot of lower back and leg pain too I see the MD on the 1st. and will have to start something new. I need mainly for obsessing, anxiety, and depression. I am 63, have always had depression. SSD says Bi Polar Disorder, My psychiatrist says I have dysthymia, but my therapist is leaning towards Borderline Personality Disorder. I am constantly biting my cheek, and this med does not help that either, I have to be careful about anymore weight gain. I know we are all different, but are there any suggestions? Thanks so much.