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Is there a natural remedy or a way to help with anxiety and depression without taking a medication?

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barbles2413 10 Dec 2009

You know where I live I Pa there is a pharmacist that runs a natural remedy store and helps alot of people. It is called Naturopathic medicine. I am sure that there someone where you live that does the same thing. I hope this is helpfull good Luck

Psychmajor 10 Dec 2009

kava kava (root extract, warning says that it can cause severe liver damage but this is only if some of the leaves are in the capsle) is suposed to work really well, it didnt do much for me when i tried it but its been compaired to other anti anxiety drugs

znutz17 12 Dec 2009

There are plenty of different ways to help. There is always meditation and excersizes to try that could help. There are also plenty of herbs out there that are supposed to help with anxiety and depression. One way that i have found to work is to find a hobbie that you can just drown out the world and get lost in your work and it will help you feel better. Hobbies are the only natural remedy that i have found to work for me though. So i would have to give you the adivice to get on the web and search up some natural remedies.

goofgirl 21 Dec 2009

Exercise, at least walking and stretching. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing techniques, self-hypnosis, psychotherapy/talk therapy, journaling, volunteering to help others, taking up a hobby to keep your body and mind busy. Eating healthy, avoiding sugars, sweets, refind carbohydrates. Avoid alcohol and caffine. Those are a few things I can think of off the top of my head. A good reminder of what I can do for myself, also, so thank you! free discount card

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