I have posted here before. I have been taking 10mg Lexapro for 55 days along with 1mg Klonopin. My anxiety has been much better. I am actually back in my own house and back at work. But I still have anxiety and still have to take the 1mg of Klonopin to keep calm. I have to push myself to get things done around the house or going to work etc... My pdoc just asked me to increase the Lexapro to 15mg. He said that should do the trick. It is day 5 and I feel a bit light headed and my anxiety is a bit higher. My sleep is still shady, one good night and one or two bad nights despite taking 22.5mg Temazapam. Is the increased anxiety and light hotheadedness a side effect of the Lexapro increase? How long would this last? Anyone here on 15mg of Lexapro with great results?
I am still not that motivated to do things I enjoyed just 5 months ago, but there are days or times of the day that I feel like my old self and want to engage in those activities. Is this part of recovery? I can suddenly feel great within the day which would last the rest of the day for the most part. Is this all expected with recovery from a bout of sever anxiety?

Thank You