This is my first post on this site which in the past has been a lot of help but now am feeling like the situation I’m in is so dire and so hard to deal with.

I started taking Escitalopram (Lexapro) on January 22nd (6 Weeks) due to inability to sleep and a lot of anxiety as well as some intrusive/obsessive thinking. I’ve taken Lexapro in the past due to major depression and anxiety, and it really helped within about 2-3 weeks when I’ve first taken it.

When I first started taking the medication this time around I started getting pretty intense side effects that I did not experience previously. I was getting really intense hot flashes the first week or so and I realized it was since I was taking 10 mg from the beginning, which I had done before but thought it would go away soon after. The hot flashes happened a lot while I was trying to sleep and paired along with intense thoughts. This intense phase luckily went away and I thought that my sleep would overall increase, however my sleep since then has really remained at sometimes sleeping for four hours then waking and taking melatonin to go back to sleep, or sometimes waking up every two hours. It’s been hell but am somewhat lucky because I recently moved back with my mom before this started occuring and I wasn’t working.

As far as the intrusive/obsessive thoughts, these have been on and off however symptoms of OCD have been pretty significant which I don’t remember really having as much before taking the medication this time around or ever. I am constantly checking everything I do more than once, and its making doing normal things impossible at times. I have also had a lot of chest tightness which sometimes is pretty strong and has a hot feeling to it when I get anxious. All of this is driving me crazy on top of the fact that I need to be getting back to work as soon as possible, but trying to sleep normally is seeming impossible.

I have tried to give the medication time to work since I have read that it is good to give it time even if it is a second/third time around on the medication. At this point it’s been over 6 weeks and trying to stay hopeful with a medication that had worked well for me before is now seeming dire although its putting me in a tough situation but now I have no idea when I’ll be able to relieve this if I do go on a different medication since I’m not sure how long it’ll take to wean off and be able to get a on a new medication. I’m considering trying Zoloft since it has seemed to help people who have switched from Lexapro. I’m so terrified of the situation I’m in and being home alone most of the time not working has been making it hard since my mind tends to race along with all of the symptoms im feeling. I’ve also started having a lot of suicidal thoughts and just want this pain to stop once and for all, I know I have to be strong but it’s so intense to deal with all of this :(.

I would really appreciate any insight on the situation and would really mean the world since I have not been in a situation where I’ve waited so long for something to work yet feel no real relief. Thank you so much for your time in advance, it really means the world right now.