Lexapro - I have been taking Escitalopram 10mg for four weeks now. I've taken this in the past with no problems. I still experience many of the start up side effects including nausea. The most troubling symptom has been a feeling of unreality... just spacey and not myself. I'm wondering if this will ever end. I'm taking tis for anxiety/panic. I'm also taking .5 Clonazepam which doesn't seem to help at all. The primary reason for the AD was to help ween me off the benzo. I just feel totally stuck and sick; helpless. My doctor eventually wants me up to 40mg... I can't even seem to make it up to 20mg as I fear a repeat of start up side effects... Will the increase cause more problems??? Should I stick it out? Are the feelings of being spacey expected and will they go away? Thank you