Hi all, just wondering about anyone's experience that may be similar to mine. I started on Seroxat/paxil 10mg for anxiety in January. The medication itself was amazing and I felt my anxiety go away. Unfortunately I had to stop taking it due to a rapid increase of weight that I noticed around the 3rd month. Along with some libido issues that were not so fun. It was adding to my anxiety so my doctor switched me over to Zoloft. The switch was fine however the weight was still an issue. A month ago I started taking lexapro/escitalopram 10 mg. I've lost all the weight from the previous medication however I am still feeling bits of anxiety creep in. I increased to 20 mg a few days ago on doctors orders and am still waiting for the "good feelings" to come. I keep expecting to feel the way I did on Paxil but it is not happening. Any idea how long it takes to for the lexapro to start working? Is it normal to have anxiety come back or does that mean this medication is not working for me? I am a mom to two young children and a teacher, its the end of the year and we just had a big international trip to visit family as we live overseas. I know there is alot going on that is playing into this. When I was on the paxil I felt almost numb. Just trying to find a happy medium.