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I'm on lexapro three days for major depression and anxiety when can I expect relief?

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LaurieShay 21 Jun 2013

You may gradually feel better over the next few weeks. Generally takes up to a month for the med to reach maximum effectiveness and for the side effects to subside.

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theresa06 29 Jun 2013

Thanks for your comment. Have you been on lexapro if so what was your experience? Thanks

LaurieShay 29 Jun 2013

I have been on many, many antidepressants over the years including Lexapro, but honestly don't remember my experience with each. Be patient though and trust that this is the one for you. If not, there are many others to choose from.

janiebme 22 Jun 2013

Hi theresa06-
It usually takes 2-6 weeks for most antidepressant to reach their full effect. Sometimes there is a 'honeymoon' period usually the first week or so.That is when you feel good, then it goes into the side effects and you may not feel so good, you may even become a little down and your anxiety may be up. But try to stay with for 4 weeks minimum. Unless your side effects just suck too much. I know that 4 weeks sounds like a long time, but you may start to feel better in 2 weeks:) Everyone's experiences can be different.
Hope it works for you and you feel better soon. There are great people on this site that care and will usually answer your questions the best they can.

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theresa06 29 Jun 2013

Thanks for the support..have you been on lexapro if so what was your experience? Thanks

Sp111 1 Jul 2013

I've tried to send you a note several times, but it says it is pending approval

Sp111 27 Jun 2013

How are you feeling now? I just started lexapro today for severe deoression and anxiety. I am so scared of taking it, but need relief.

theresa06 29 Jun 2013

I am now on day 10. I have been on 10mgs the whole time today was my first at 15 as I was advised to go up in dose. Unfortunately still no relief but most everyone says it takes more time. How are you doing on it?

Sp111 29 Jun 2013

Ugh, only took two and I want to stop. I am still struggling! I hate to hear you don't have relief yet. How long will you stick with it?

Crystallopez562 28 Jul 2017

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