Hi guys I saw an improvement with Lexapro after 2 weeks until then it was hell. I started at 10mg for 3 days then the psychiatrist upped it to 20 mg I have been on it now for 4 weeks.
I have tried lots of medication and I am really worried nothing is going to work. I was originally on Cymbalta [before then I was on about 8 different medications over a 20 year time frame - I am 39 years old!}. Cymbals made me very tired.
I am also taking up to 5 mg of diazepam/valium a day only when needed which I feel like I need every day - but only take it if I am really really anxious.
What should I do? I am seeing my psychiatrist in a week. I am worried if he wants me to increase the dose or should I ask if I should go back down?
I am in a really bad state. I have an overseas holiday planned in 3 weeks and I am travelling with a friend and I am worried I will be in a bad state while I am there. He did say I could take up to 15mg of diazepam a day while I am travelling - to get through it but diazepam decreases my anxiety but slightly alleviates the depression.
Just over 10 days ago I was really really optimistic about lexapro - I even wrote a post on it but now I feel really really down and anxious!