Hello all, anyone who has experienced GAD with panic disorder knows how horrible life can be to get through. I have suffered with GAD/panic disorder since I was young, about 10 yrs old or so. I’m 34 now and have had some pretty major changes in my life, all are great and positive like building a new house and getting married but for some reason my panic takes over and instead of those things being happy for me and enjoyable my panic takes over and I try to just “get through”. Even with therapy and breathing techniques I’m still suffering.
I’ve had enough so my md put me on Lexapro 2.5mg for my first week then 5mg my second week which I just started. I’ve experienced derealization, increased anxiety/anxious thoughts, vivid dreams, & an adrenaline rush that starts in my chest and goes up through my heading feeling like I could faint but I don’t. Of course all of these symptoms create more panic on top of the normal panic I have. I have an appointment with my md after this week of taking 5mg to see how it’s gone so far. My question is, has anyone else experienced this and if so when will it go away? The whole point in taking this med is to stop my anxiety and panic but at times it feels it will never go away. When did this start working for you? I know there’s hope and I’m trying. My hardest to stick it through... please give me hope! Thank you