I was taking Lexapro at 10 mg for at least 4 yrs and it worked perfect. I came off slowly and was off for at least a year. I took a medrol (steroid) pack for a shoulder impingement and it threw me into the worst panic attack I have ever had that lasted almost a week. Dr. Put me back on Lexapro 10 mg and after a week or so it was a orking perfect. After about 3 months I reduced the dose to 5 mg then during a trip I fogot to take about 3 or so doses. I started having issues again so I went back to 10mg but that wasnt taking all the anxiety away. Upped to 15mg and after 3 weeks at 15 mg still having some anxiety and tingling on back of neck and little bit of hot flashes. So now we uave upped it to 20mg that I started today. I am just curious if anyone knows why the 10mg worked so well before, but not now??? Please comment. Also, I guess I should add that I am about 90%-95% vegan for about 2 years.