... I have been on Lexapro for about 4 months now but need to stop it now. My current dosage is 10 mg. The overall effect of the drug was positive as I feel that my GAD symptoms significantly improved and I am more confident and happy now. However, I just recently moved out of the US and my doctor could give me the supplies only for two months. Then she suggested me gradually stopping it's intake and see how I would feel. If all gonna be ok then fine, if not I would need to find a local doctor who can prolong my prescription (although I am not sure if lexapro would be available here). I am curious, if any of you had the experiences with the short term intake of SSRI (4-6 months)? Even my doctor told me that usually she prescribes it for 12 months as minimum. But given my special circumstances I would be on it for a bit more than 6 months in total. I am a bit worried now that change of residence, work will coincide with lexapro withdrawal and will bring back my GAD symptoms