I was on Pristiq for 8 years and never once did my doctor monitor it and so I eventually after my divorce in 2014 i weaned myself off in September 2014. It was very hard to wean myself off of it, but did it.

I did fine but a few weeks ago my mom went into ER and my anxiety went into full swing trying to handle work and my parents as my dad was immobile and I got very very overwhelmed. My blood pressure has been registering high off and on. I got some Xanax from my doc and years before I woudk have that on an as needed basis if I felt I could not handle things but I liked it because I took as needed. It helps but i have
A whole different spell now where I get so freaked out about things and scared and feel like the world is closing in on me, like I can breathe and don't want anything holding me in and even in the car sometimes I feel trapped, scared. I have never had
Anxiety this bad and I'm assuming my blood pressure is up because of this going on. My doc told me to try lexapro and I haven't started it get because I didn't want to gain weight and scared to get back on something because Pristiq was so hard to come off of.

Anyhow does this sound like anxiety to you? Could it be a heart issue? Sometimes my heart beats so strong i feel it and I feel lots of pressure in my head and just feel like I can never give enough air. My mind starts to take over and I have a
Fear of something happening to me and really psych myself out worse. It's gotten so bad thst I get terrified when it comes on and it's going in pretty much all day off and on, nights are worse. Ok alone and thoughts take over.

Anyhow I'm scared to start lexapro but maybe I need to. Is this anxiety? My blood work was normal last time so not sure if u can tell heart issues thru a regular blood work up.

A few things to add, I have fibro and EBV. It's not active but got it from mono in my 20s. I'm 42 now. Have ongoing battle with endometriosis and been off any drugs other than my birth control since September but now take Xanax as needed and muscle relaxers as needed for an old wreck muscle issue.

Any help would've great as I can't get into my doctor till next werk for a followup from
Last appt. been keeping up with BP and its been up and down but again may be from the tightness in chest and anxiety?

Anyways help ... Because this is really making me fear thst something is going To happen to me or the fear of being alone... I'm a pretty normal person so this is so not me:((