Hi, I'm mid 30's female, have social anxiety since childhood, and have had periods of severe depression (once every decade starting at age 8) I never had any help with this problem until in my teens I started looking for help for SA, I wasn't very successful but eventually in my 20's with CBT, self help etc I made a bit of progress, last year I became ill due to complications with Type 1 diabetes, I got better physically after a few months, but went into a severe depression, couldn't lift my head up to get out of bed, and just cried non stop for weeks, eventually went to my doctor who was amazing, I was put on lexapro 10mg and made an appointment with a therapist, over the course of about 2 weeks on the meds I began to feel human again, connecting with people and feeling less anxious than before, I felt joy and a positive about the future. In August of this year my pharmacist gave me the generic form of lexapro. I'm not sure of exact dates but around this time I began to feel anxious again and things which were not a problem started becoming big problems, I started to obsess and be negative again even though I was doing therapy, meditation, exercise etc. I went to my GP in Sept and increased the dose to 15mg, I have gradually gotten worse. I googled the affect of the generic compared to the brand name of the drug and see that there can be a big problem! I have been taking the brand name lexapro again now the past 20 days, but still crying for nothing and feeling super anxious. I had a holiday in the sun which would usually relax me but felt huge anxiety and fear for 10 days as if I could stand to be in my own skin, the only thing that calmed me was xanax and even then not like it would usually, I keep bursting into tears constantly through the day. For people who have had a negative experience with the generic lexapro would 2 months on the generic bring me back so many steps? And should I be feeling the benefits of lexapro again after 20 days? Feel really disspondant and afraid I might fall back into a bad depression like I did at the beginning of 2014, the anxiety is really high at the moment and feel so on edge. Looking for advice and opinions of people with experience. Thanks