Hey All...
Just wanted to ask a question, I have been on Lexapro, 5mg for 4 yrs (GAD) & My GP wants to swap me over to another med, Pristiq (and after reading about this drug & its horror list of side effects), I am thinking about weaning myself off of Lexapro and seeing how I do with no meds for a little while, does this seem like a reasonable course of action to anyone else???
I am kinda having these things pushed at me, the reason for the swap was I had been having like flashes of imagery in my head of hurting myself ( I know it sounds strange right??) However I would NEVER do that to myself, the logical part of my brain still knows its not the answer ( I have a young family).
I am about to start Therapy in the next couple of weeks, I am thinking that maybe the actual med (Lex) has something to do with these flashes, I have never had them before, I have heard some meds can do this... I am keen to see how things go with no meds, but everyone seems hell bent about keeping me on them. I feel sometimes like I am a bit numb, I think I would like to 'feel' again... Other than that, I am fairly even most of the time.

What do you think???