Can Lexapro lower the effectiveness of Carbatrol if you are taking Carbatrol to help control a seizure disorder? I took Lexapro 20MG tablets, one each day back in 2006 for about a year to help me deal with depression. I'm now off of it, I still take Carbatrol 300MG for my seizure disorder, I take four 300MG capsules of Carbatrol each day, 2 in the morning and 2 at night but depression seems to be creeping back in.

My current doctor who I've been seeing now for just over a year does not want to prescribe me any Lexapro when I discussed with him these feelings of being depressed. His reason for not wanting to prescribe Lexapro was that the Lexapro would lower the threshold? of the Carbatrol I'm currently taking to help control my seizure disorder. Anyone else taking Lexapro and Carbatrol and if you are how are you doing? Are you having any problems taking the two drugs together?