I was on Lexapro for 3 months last year. I had a late miscarriage and was depressed. Never been on an antidepressant before so I was skeptical. However my depression after the tradegy was too much to bear. When I decided to go off my doc said take 1 pill every other day for two weeks then stop. I know my body reacts fast to meds-& my doc said 10mgs was low and I'm seeing people who took 5mgs which makes me mad he didn't give me that dosage. When I say my system acts fast from meds I mean it. Anyways I made my own plan, ignored the doc, and went off slowly for over a month and a half. I had no issues except a lil weight gain. Well this May was the first anniversary of losing my daughter and I fell into depression again. I went back on lexapro 10mgs. It has been 5 months and I decided to go off again. Again I went off slowly for over a month. I'm sooo moody, tired, gained3lbs in 1week & I work out & eat healthy, & dizzy. I plan to go thru these withdrawals head on. This is ridiculous if a med can do this much damage in 5 months but im determined to go off bc i refuse to be on it forever. I am takin saffron oil pills that help with appetite and mood. Any one else take anything herbal to help? I'm thinking of goin back to acupuncture too & see if that eases anything too